Books chess, dice and tables Alfonso X the Wise, s. XIII (5*+) (parchment) (SH)

This original copy belongs to the Great Luxury Spectacular Library.
Exemplary unique second-hand from private collection and in perfect condition.

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Only facsimile edition in natural parchment (not pergaminata paper) of the Chess Books, Dices and Tables of Alfonso X the Wise, whose original is kept in the Library of the Royal Monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial, in Madrid (signature Ms. IT 6). A 5 star plus in every great Library!

Paradigm of the cultural work of Alfonso X, the 150 miniatures of the Book of Chess Games, Dice and Tables, constitute one of the most important testimonies of the court painting of the monarch with which they link, both in iconographic and stylistic characters , as with the courtly context and in the hermetic culture that they reveal.

Edition made in 2012 on natural parchment. Exclusive and exclusive edition of 390 copies, numbered and notarially certified, verifying also notarially, that in the manufacturing process only natural parchment has been used exclusively.

Presented this beautiful original copy in a beautiful case and book study complementary bilingual Spanish-English.

If you are fond of chess or table games, this codex represents the roots of a game that is not only a table, but also an art, a science and, above all, a mental sport. A game that is believed to have originated from Chaturanga, practiced in India since the 6th century. A unique opportunity if it is also a demanding bibliophile.

Exhausted edition, the second work that Scriptorium published on natural parchment and with which it continued its exclusive editorial work in discarding the paper as a support for his works using lamb's skin.

The edition in natural parchment (not parchment paper, or pergamenata paper, but 100% natural parchment of lamb in the traditional way, without chemical treatments), is extremely complex and unique, and makes each of its copies an original copy of the manuscript from the 13th century. The use as a support for the parchment, natural organic element, as well as manual processes in each copy, including the flat and raised golds, according to the illuminations and as they are in the original codex, make each of the copies unique for themselves. Exclusive facsimiles handcrafted on natural parchment, recovering the beauty and authenticity of the ancient illuminated manuscripts. An excellence for the best libraries, collectors and bibliophiles, a joy for the senses that will last for centuries.

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Download the catalog in pdf file of this extraordinary original copy for more

  • Chess Books, Dice and Tables
    Download the pdf file with the catalog of this extraordinary work in natural parchment, the only original copy that you can obtain from the XIII century codex. Texts in Spanish and English.

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