Bible of St. Louis, s. XIII, jewel of the moralized Bibles ***** (+G)

This facsimile is part of the Spectacular Library.
This beautiful and unique artistic and historical treasure, made in 3 impressive manuscripts, belonged to King San Luis of France, and later to Alfonso X the Wise. It was copied and illuminated between 1226-1234, in Paris.

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This beautiful and unique artistic and historical treasure, made in 3 stunning manuscripts belonged to King St. Louis of France (hence the name), and later Alfonso X the Wise. It was copied and illuminated between 1226 to 1234, in Paris. In the Middle Ages this Bible can be read in images, where the biblical text and comments are an inseparable whole with the iconographic set. Librario unique monument of art that is an inexhaustible historian and a source of enjoyment for the senses sublime mine. It is currently preserved in the Holy Cathedral Church Primate of Toledo (Spain).

Characteristics of the facsimile edition, a leading jewelry Moleiro Photo:
Date of original work: 1226-1234
Edited between 2000 and 2002 (1 codex per year), with much gold and very heavy.
Size: 34 x 44 cm.
3 volumes, 1,230 pages. Boxes-leather case (format 39 x 49 cm)
Historiadas 4,887 illuminated scenes from the Bible.
2 books study pages 511 and 496 respectively, Texts and Studies, 25.5 x 33.7 cm formats.
Limited facsimile edition of 987 numbered and authenticated by a notary.

The Bible of San Luis is a moralized Bible written in Latin, for its extraordinary beauty is also known by the name of "Rich Bible of Toledo". The oldest data we have of this work in Castilla, date back to the codicil and testament of Alfonso X the Wise. With regard to the Bible of San Luis there is a reference in the will of the Castilian king Alfonso X, which describes it as a Bible "of three books, storied, who gave King Louis of France" and "one of the noblest things that belong to the King. " For studies on various aspects, and internal analysis of it you can be assigned very nearly ended the date and time it was copied and illuminated. This work was conducted between 1226 and 1234. This enormous work, so precise and meticulous, patient demanded the dedication of many experts from the most varied materials, typical of theologians, scribes and illuminators.

This codex was for the king, as a training and information, and as a pedagogical tool in the education of the future king of France. Over the last eight centuries the Chapter of the Holy Cathedral Church Primate of Toledo was responsible for guarding and carefully keep this bibliographic jewel on merit can be described as unique and is a source of awe and wonder for those who have the opportunity to contemplate.

An increasing number of scholars interested in research of this endless source of culture which is so much doctrinal wealth remansada characteristic of the thirteenth century is greater. Each day increase requests received by the council to have direct access to the Bible of St Louis in order to study and investigate in it the most varied topics and subjects. The reason for this interest is diverse: it can be the biblical and theological studies in some cases; in others it is the artistic and ornamental aspect that arouses much curiosity; A third group consists of those who are drawn to a historical perspective in its research plan.

The Bible of San Luis is part of a small group of seven Bibles that were copied in the thirteenth century to those of the French royal dynasty then reigning Capetian. It is a peculiar type of biblical book, which was unprecedented in the tradition of European desks. Richly illuminated, as befitted the dignity of the recipients. Generally they are known by the name of moralized Bibles. Few in number, as has already been said, given the high cost of its construction. The most prominent feature of these books is the enormous display of wealth and magnificence that boast. Its external appearance is so exceptional that immediately think that recipients could not be other than the highest of medieval society people. And so it was, in effect, some Bibles were made for use of kings.

Facsimiles in perfect condition. An exceptional work.

With this unique copy, a copy of "The Book of Bibles" is given, a compilation of the most beautiful illuminated Bibles of the Middle Ages deposited in the BNA, brand new, brand new.

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